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Investment Banking and Finance Industry: Phone and data system solutions that help the FIRE Industry

Contact the CCS sales and design center at 877-598-3999 for more assistance.

Customer Spotlight:
FIRE (Finance, Investment Banking, and Real Estate Industry):
For more information on RE, see Solutions for Real Estate Industry: Avaya Global Reference

Finance and Investment Banking:
Converged Communication Systems has many investment banking and finance company customers. Some of the technologies these businesses look to leverage include:
  • 1. Conference Bridge: Up to 64 party free conference bridge included with Avaya IP Office
  • 2. Voicemail to Email: Free voicemail to email or voicemail alerts to mobile SMS devices like cell phones or blackberrys.
  • 3. Easy to use management tool: This allows for quick and easy changes.
  • 4. Ring down technology: Allows to access trading floor with one touch and floor to ring up to office.
  • 5. IP Telephony: Connecting multiple locations over data WAN with VoIP technology to allow shared resources. Taking advantage of time zones from east to west coast allows companies to share company resources.
  • 6. Call Recording: Some critical information like conference calls or trading can be saved with one touch call recording. The IP Office has free call recording.
  • 7. Do Not Call Box: Investment companies that telemarket can integrate a do not call box to Avaya phone systems allowing easy exclusion to numbers that shouldnt be called.
  • 8. Call Observing, Service Observing, Call Listen, Call Steal, Call Barge: The Avaya IP Office has these popular features for free. Perform one of these tasks to train your employee with one touch of button.
  • 9. Hot Desking: Log into any desk with one touch of the phone.
  • 10. Call Reporting: Track employees usage.
Contact the CCS sales and desk center for more information 877-598-3999.