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Avaya Quick Edition IP Solution

Target Business Size: 0-40 Users Extension Type Available: Wireless, Analog, and IP Telephones
Trunk Type: POTS & T1 Gateways
Offer: The Avaya Quick Edition was designed specifically for smaller standalone offices that want the most advanced and integrated phone system features. The Quick Edition with Avaya One-X IP deskphones also are extremely popular for remote office solutions that are integrated to Avaya Enterprise Media Servers and Media Gateways that want to be tied to the main site.
Commonly Requested Features: Web based administration with web browser based end user hooks to allow users to modify their phone from the PC in addition to the phone itself. The Quick Edition comes with 2 automated attendants that are built with voicemail embedded in this solution. The IP phones use SIP technology to communicate between one another. Then you add TDM or traditional dialtone gateways (POTS gateway or T1 gateway) to tie in dialtone to the outside world.
Gateway Options: Avaya G11 Gateway (PSTN Gateway, Pots Gateway, Trunk Gateway): This allows up to 4 POTS trunks with up to 20 extension per one G11 Gateway and a power failure port. Also, Avaya G10 Gateway offers reliable gateway support.
Telephone Sets: Avaya One-X Deskphones, Avaya IP Phones, Avaya 4610 Deskphone, Avaya 4621SW IP, and Avaya 4620 Deskphone as well as other models available. Avaya 1600 series available with Quick Edition R4.0.


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