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Multisite Networking: Voice & Data

Data Networking Multiple Sites:
A WAN or wide area network allows multiple site businesses to operate seamlessly. Typically, your headquarters has a main server or application server that employees use. When you open remote offices or multiple sites businesses typically centralize resources (network printers, servers, domains, etc) to share as well as save money.

VPN Solutions for Remote Office & Home Workers:
A VPN connection is required to link any remote site or home worker. We work with a number of manufacturers (Cisco, Netgear, Sonicwall, Kentrox, and more) to sell, support, and maintain your data network of choice.

Voice Networking Multiple Sites:
Companies typically focus on setting up a data connection between sites, however little do they know is that once the data VPN is secure voice can transmit across the WAN with the proper phone system and setup in place. We work with a number of different solutions to help achieve your goal.

Types of Networking Multiple Sites:
In the past, companies had T1 (24 paths or channels) dropped at each location and sent voice or data over this. Today, with a secure VPN and certain broadband internet services you can achieve the same thing. Enterprise companies look to establish an MPLS network, Frame, point-point T1, or ATM network.

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