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Avaya Advanced Applications

Avaya has a number of highly advanced telephony and data applications made available to any business. Integration to your desktop is key for productivity and increase market presence. Below are some applications that Avaya has. If you are looking for other or customer applications not listed on this page, please contact our CCS sales support and design center at 877-598-3999.

VoIP Softphone, IP Softphone, & IP Mobile
Mobile workforce can put a telephony application on their desktop PC, laptop PC, or mobile PC device and use their features as if they were sitting at their desk. Calls can be bridges between deskphone and IP softphone or sent directly to IP softphone or One-X Mobile Softphone device.

Conferencing & Web Collaboration
Meeting Exchange, Meet Me Conferning, IP Office Conference Bridge, Juniper Networks SSL Router, Conferening Center are awesome investments to bring teleconferning and web collaboration services in-house.

Call Center & Contact Center
IP Office CCC (Compact Contact Center or SBCC Small Business Contact Center), Enterprise class CC solutions (include BCMR, CMS, CCIE, CCE), Tapit, Taske, Vermark Call Accounting & Metropolis for CAS (Call accounting system) solutions.

Convergence Network Analyzers:
Keeps you in the loop regarding your IP Devices on your network and remotes.

Contact sales support and design for more telephone options at 877.599.9997 for more information.


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