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Avaya Merlin Magix

Target Business Size: 0-200 Users
Extension Type Available: Wireless, Digital, & Analog Telephones
Trunk Type: POTS, DID Trunk, T1 Trunk
Offer: The Merlin Magix was Avaya's middle sized market that was discontinued around 2001, when the Avaya IP Office took over. Customers have an easy and well defined migration path from the Merlin Magix and Legend products by being allowed to reuse certain digital phones. The Merlin family has been out for over 12 years and customers who are looking for Merlin parts, Merlin service, Merlin installation, Merlin moves, or Merlin maintenance contact the Avaya Merlin CCS Support group at 877-598-3999.
Commonly Requested Features: Multiple site networking, centralized voicemail, basic call queuing and ACD, delayed announcements, flexible voicemail, and more.
Telephone Sets: Digital sets including Avaya Merlin Magix 4400 Series Sets, 4406D, 4412D, 4424D and for Merlin Legend customers ATL or bis classic sets with Merlin Legend MLX sets.
Merlin Promotions: Customers looking for Merlin upgrades, Merlin moves, or Merlin additions contact our CCS Sales Department for available Merlin options at 877-598-3999.


Avaya Magix Cabinet Avaya Legend Cabinet
Avaya 4412 Digital Avaya MLX 10DP