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Avaya IP Office Small Office(SOHO)

Target Business Size: 0-28 Users
Extension Type Available: Wireless, Digital, Analog, & IP Telephones
Trunk Type: POTS & T1 & IP Trunk
Offer: The Avaya SOHO or Small Office Edition was released mainly as a remote office or an economical small office solution with no growth. This small office phone system was released in four different versions, however the most common version is the Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition with 4 POTS x 8 Digital Ports x 4 Analog Extension Ports x 4 LAN Ethernet Ports x 4 VCM (4 DSP) or 16 VCM (16 DSP) with 1 WAN port. If you are expected to exceed about 28 users for this site then look into other small-medium solutions like the Avaya Partner and Avaya IP Office. VoIP phones and VoIP trunks are allowed using the inherent voice compression (VCM) aka DSP resources built in. Currently, Avaya IP Office SOHO units are fully supported with updated call processing software releases. This box is also the Avaya G150 remote solution for enterprise class networks.
Commonly Requested Features: Software suite for administration with soft dialing and call status applications included. Call recording, voicemail to email, built in conference bridge, internal queuing, roaming hot desk profiles and more are commonly requested standard features.
Telephone Sets: Digital sets including Avaya Merlin Magix 4400 Series Sets, 4406D, 4412D, 4424D, Definity 6400 Series Sets [only supported with released up to R3.2], IP Office 5400 Series, 5410, 5420 and more. IP sets available include 4600 series (supported up to release R3.2), IP Office 5600, & IP Office 1700 Series (1703, 1708, 1716). And more!


Avaya 1600 Series IP Deskphone Avaya 5420
Avaya 4412 Digital Avaya 6408 Digital
Avaya IP Office SOHO