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Avaya Wireless & Mobility

IP DECT (IP Wireless for IP Office & Communication Manager):
IP DECT wireless offer an economical option for your business environment. Once your phone system is IP enabled you can purchase IP DECT antennas throughout your facility on your existing network and deploy IP Dect telephones that allow users to use full functionality of a deskphone. IP Dect handsets operate on standard batteries keeping your costs at a minimum and IP DECT 3711 works in your existing environment to isolate traffic. Call hand-off is allowed between access points [also called WAP, AP & RFP].

Spectralink VoIP Wireless (for all systems):
The Spectralink 3616 sets with NetLink server integrate to your phone system using its IP resources. It also leverages your existing wireless access points (see compatibility chart) to use standard wireless communication protocols available - thus eliminated network infrastructure costs. Rugged spectralink models are available. For customers with non VoIP ready or capable systems, Spectralinks MVP allows for traditional analog or digital connect using proprietary Spectralink access points. Call hand-off is allowed between access points [also called WAP, AP & RFP].

Engenius Wireless Systems:
This allows for companies with simple wireless needs to integrate extended range cordless handsets. The DuraFon 1x or 4x allows for multiple line capabilites and extended range based on their 1 base unit.

Other Wireless Solutions:
Transtalk 9030, 9040, 9031, 9043 Avaya 905, Avaya 3910, Avaya 3810 Digitals Definity Mobile

Avaya Mobile Solutions:
Integration to mobile handsets is a hot technology. Innovations are happening as we speak to push out full functionality to any mobile phone anywhere. Avaya's One-X Mobile solution allows for an IP soft client or softphone to be loaded up and calls to the users deskphone are then bridged to the mobile phone. When mobile users user their cell phone they have the ability to access cell dialtone or their offices PBX or phone system dialtone which allows for interoffice extension dialtone, feature access codes like park pickup, and better yet grab office dialtone allowing call reporting to include cell phone usage to clients. Contact CCS sales support and design for more telephone options at 877.599.9997 for more information.