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Avaya Call Recording

Call recording is becoming more popular especially in the sales, service, investment and healthcare industry. Callers verbal responses are saved on a sever for accuracy of important information and customer acceptance during this e-commerce boom as well as for training purposes. Avaya Call Recording has a number of products available for Avaya and non-Avaya phone systems.

NICE Solutions:
For large enterprises, NICE has a number of call recording solutions.

Avaya IP Office Phone System:
FREE call recording is included with every IP Office phone system that is stored as an electronic media file (.WAV). For heavy users purchase the Avaya Contact Store Witness program that will compress, manage and store recordings. We record all calls, take a random sample, record based off a user or group, or even a phone number and can even deposit into an email if need be.

More Recording Solutions available:
No matter what phone system you have, we have many call recording options for you. For a single phone or system wide.