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Avaya S8500 Media Server

Target Business Size: 0-2,400 Users
Extension Type Available:
Wireless, Digital, Analog, VoIP & SIP Telephones
Trunk Type: POTS, DID Trunk, T1 Trunks, SIP Trunks, VoIP Trunks, Fiber
Offer: The Avaya S8500 Media Server supports up to 2,400 users and allows for all Media Gateways to be used including G250, G350, G450, IG550, G650, & G700. S8500 processors can be mirrored to provide increased reliability either on-site or offsite and can connect up to other LSPs at remote sites to provide ultimate redundancy across the network. Avaya Media Servers are Avaya's most robust phone system processors with enterprise class features, functionality, and reliability. Avaya Media Servers Avaya Communication Manager (formerly Multivantage or Definity) software to provide the most advanced in call processing software on a Linux based OS.
Telephone Sets: Digital include 2400 series (2402, 2410, 2420, and EU24) and 6400 series (6402D, 6408D+, 6416D+, XM24)sets that. For customers with older sets can look to migrate with CCS from Definity 7400 series (7401, 7405, 7406, 7407, 7410, 7444, 7434) , 8400 series (8403, 8405, 8410, 8411, 8434, ZE801a, Definity Callmasters (Callmaster I - 1, Callmaster II - 2, Callmaster III - 3, Callmaster IV - 4, Callmaster V - 5, Callmaster VI - 6), Definity consoles (302c, 26b1), and wireless series sets (Transtalk 9040, Transtalk 9030, Transtalk 9031, Definity Wireless) to our newer selection.
Upgrade with CCS: We service, support, maintain and help migrate customers still using Definity ECS, BCS, IP600, Prologix, CMC, CSI, CSC, SCC, System 25, System 75 and all Definity phone system products.


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