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Avaya Conference Bridges

Enhancing your conference calls and bringing mass conference calling internal to your business will show a quick return on investment. Companies spend $100s and $1'000s of dollars a month outsourcing conference bridges. Add a conference bridge to your phone system and share your existing dialtone.

Web Collaboration Options:
Meeting Exchange
Looking to get rid of your monthly web conferencing program, the Meeting Exchange might be the perfect solution for you. Bring your own web collaboration desktop server in-house for enterprise class customers.
Juniper SSL Router
For mid sized customers Juniper might be the right solution for you! Typically sold in 50 user packs, Avaya Juniper has a solution that you can tie in web collaboration.

Teleconferencing Options:
Meet Me Conferencing
Avaya Enterprise class solutions (ACM) has Meet me conference bridge. A 6 party bridge is standard for ACM5.0 and you can add licenses or a conference server as you grow.
IP Office Conference Bridge
FREE conference bridge included with every IP Office system. This allows up to 64 parties internal and external to join the bridge (based on the outside lines you have and type of lines - T1 Voice PRI).
IP Office Conference Center
This add-on tool allows IP Office user to host their own webinars. The leader will see all members and can push out questions, invites, block talking rights and conduct listen only sessions. It also allows you to push out HTML shots to your attendees and have multiple administrators access the auto scheduler tool. The auto scheduler tool can send out emails with pin codes and call back a cell phone or any number for that matter and allow recipients to accept or deny.

Don't Forget to Record Your Conferences!
Record your conferences and push it out to users that can't attend. The IP Office allows both free call recording and free conference bridge up to 64 participants.
Call Recording : Options for call recording.