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Avaya Communication Products:

IP Telephony

Unified Communication

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Enterprise Class Solutions

Enterprise class solutions are aligned for businesses with larger and more complex business needs. Avaya enterprise class products and solutions are geared towards facilities that have 0-36,000 endpoints per location, that need the highest reliability possible with duplicated high reliability servers, with more flexible remote office applications and solutions, with more robust contact centers and more. The latest and greatest technology is available with Avaya enterprise class (ECG) solutions whereas it takes a number of years for smaller to mid sized solutions to allow for certain feature functionality.

Enterprise Class Servers & Processors:
Avaya Communication Manager S8300
Avaya Communication Manager
Avaya Media Servers
Avaya S8400 (formerly known as S8100)
Avaya S8500 (also Avaya S8510)
Avaya S8700 (Avaya S8710, S8720, S8730)
Traditional processors: Prologix, CSI, ECS, BCS, G3, R, SI, IP600 and more

Enterprise Class Gateways & Cabinets:
Avaya Media Gateways
Avaya IG550 Integrated Gateway
Avaya G250 Media Gateway (G150 Gateway)
Avaya G350 Media Gateway
Avaya G700 Media Gateway
Avaya G450 Media Gateway
Avaya G650 Media Gateway
Avaya G860 High-Density Trunk Gateway
Traditional cabinets: SCC, MCC, CMC

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Avaya CMC Prologix
Avaya One-X Mobile
Avaya G450
Avaya SCC
Avaya 1608 Avaya 6408 Avaya MCC Avaya 9630