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Avaya IG550 Integrated Gateway

Target Business Size: Remote Offices
Extension Type Available: Wireless, Digital, Analog, VoIP & SIP Telephones
Trunk Type: POTS, DID Trunk, T1 Trunks, SIP Trunks, VoIP Trunks, Fiber
Offer: Avaya Media Servers are Avaya's most robust phone system processors with enterprise class features, functionality, and reliability. These processors work with Avaya Media Gateways ranging from G150, G250, G350, G450, IG550, G600, IP600, G700, and traditional cabinets including SCC, MCC, and CMC (contact CCS Support for more details).
The IG550 Integrated Gateway allows for Avaya enterprise class solutions to have a smart remote office solution. The IG550 incorporates a Juniper Network router with Avaya Telephony Interface Modules (TIMS) also referred to as media modules (MM) in other Avaya Media Gateway products (MM and TIMs are not swappable). These TIM blades pop right into the Juniper chasis to provide local dialtone and endpoints if need be. Up to 100 extensions and 60 trunks this IG550 is offered with Juniper J2320, J2350, J4350, and J6350 router. Your main site would consist of one of Avaya's Enterprise Class Media Servers.


Avaya IG550
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