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Avaya Partner ACS System

Target Business Size: 0-40 Users
Extension Type Available: Analog, Digital, & Wireless Telephones
Trunk Type: POTS & Voice T1
Migration Path: Customers who have older Partner II, Partner 2, Partner +, Partner Plus, Partner Endeavor, and Partner SOE can migrate to the Partner ACS (Advanced Communication System) by reusing compatible phone system equipment and/or compatible handsets.
Commonly Requested Features: Customers looking for a traditional business telephone system select the Partner ACS system. Intercom, conferencing calling, transfer, busy lamp field red and green indicators, Caller-ID display, programmable buttons, easy to use features, hold, multiple business telephone system, music on hold, group intercom and more.
Voicemail Options Include: Partner Messaging 4 Box (Small), Partner Messaging 12 Box (Large), Partner Messaging Module with flexible auto-attendants and name lookup, as well as external third party solutions available.
Add-on technologies: Web browser based voicemail interface, overhead paging, VoIP trunk or analog terminal adapters, wireless handsets, overhead bells and more.
Telephone Sets: Partner 6 Button Display (Partner 6D Series II), Partner 18 Button Display (Partner 18D Series II), Partner 34 Button Display (Partner 34D Series II) or any Series 2 Eurostyle phone. Other compatible phones from previous versions include Partner MLS, Partner Series I, Partner Series 1, or Eurostyle Partner phones.


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