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Bundled Voice Services

For more information on bundled voice services in Chicago or nationwide contact our CCS sales group at 877-598-3999.

Bundled voice services are becoming more popular to the small to mid-sized markets. Service providers are offering voice T1 services that replace standard pots lines (outside lines) and can offer bundled or free minutes due to the onset of VOIP technology. Lets say you need 7 lines and internet services. We provision a full data T1 so you get internet speed guaranteed and secure up to 1.54Mbps and you get 7 lines on this same T1 service. If nobody is on the phone you get full speeds, however if someone is on the phone it will decrease you allowable bandwidth since it is using bandwidth to place the call. It dynamically allocates and efficiently shares voice and data. Since you get a data T1 and calls begin as data calls it bypasses some traditional phone service charges and thus in turn provides you a discounted or free bundle package. Companies can bundle effectively 1-3 T1s providing up 46 quality channels. Depending on the service provider we align you with based on solutions offered and geographic location, we can get you what you need. VoIP phone service is a hot seller with small-mid market businesses. VoIP phone service allows companies to take advantage of bundled rate plans as well as it dynamically allocates the resources for voice and data where it is needed. In the past, you had voice services and data services that are statically channeled or allocated to perform one task. Now your resources will dynamically be allocated for whatever task needs to be accomplished.

Contact the CCS sales center 877-598-3999 for more pricing information on bundled rates.