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Mid-Sized Business Solutions

Mid sized solutions are aligned for businesses with 0-450 users, multiple site networking, call center needs, conference bridge, more flexible voicemail options, better PC management, businesses with remote, home or mobile workforce or for those companies whose needs exceed basic transfer, hold, multiple line and appearance. Avaya mid sized business phone system solutions have been the industries leading business class telephone system on the market for decades. AT&T evolved into Lucent Technologies and then Avaya. Avaya now supports all older products and continues the rich history of innovation and investment protection. The Avaya IP Office solution was the evolution of the Merlin telephone system product line and has secured its place in the industry as being the leader in small-medium sized business telephone system sales. This product is extremely flexible and grows with your business from a user and technology standpoint adding essential features and users on an as needed basis. This category also includes remote office business solutions for small, medium and large enterprise businesses.

Remote Office Business Options:
Avaya Quick-Edition : For offices that want an evolutionary phone system with web based management and SIP technology. This is also a remote option for Avaya enterprise solutions.
Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition (SOHO) : For fixed offices that will not exceed 20 users that want to take advantage of analog, digital and VoIP endpoints with robust features allowing to integrate with main office. This is also a remote office option for IP Office.

Medium Market Business Options:
Avaya Merlin Magix : For small-medium sized businesses that needed more robust features. Current customers who have this product line are encourage to contact CCS Support for migration plans and support services since Avaya no longer supports this product.
Avaya IP Office : For small-medium sized businesses with more complex needs.
Avaya Communication Manager S8300 : For enterprise class medium sized locations.

Contact the CCS Avaya SMB & Remote Office sales and design center for at 877-598-3999.


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