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Avaya Home Worker Solutions

Home Worker Resources:
For any home worker, you must decide what services you want to push out. Typically, the home worker has a line for inbound/outbound calls and internet. For traditional setups, ordering 2 phone lines (1 fax / 1 voice) as well as Cable or DSL internet. However, with the onset of VPN and IP telephony you can centralize reports and costs to make it easier for home workers to operate which will be fully integrated to your main office. Home workers can order business class DSL or Cable internet and get faxing and full voice capabilities over this line.
How to Setup a Home Worker:
  • 1. Establish a VPN connection over internet: this allows your home worker to get on main servers at your HQ to use applications as if they were in the building. Also, this allows for voice to be sent over the internet. Your main site must have a VPN router capable of quality of service (qos).
  • 2. Purchase business class broadband service (DSL, Cable, etc) with at lease 1 available static IP for your use.
  • 3. To share faxing, make sure your main site has fax server capabilities allowing your faxes to show up in your email.
  • 4. Make sure your phone system is VoIP ready.
  • 5. Get IP device (IP softphone or IP deskphone) for your home with power adapter.
Outcome: You can share voice and data across your WAN allowing callers to call a direct number to the main office and the call goes VoIP to your IP device at home
Avaya VPN Licenses & Equipment:
Avaya offers IP Office customers with IP Phones to add VPN license to the phone and bring this phone home. This will establish a VPN in the phone to your network which eliminates the cost of an expensive VPN edge device for home workers.
Remote Office Resources:
For any remote office, you must decide what applications you want to have at the secondary sites. Do you want to connect only data service for applications and server sharing? Do you want to conduct desktop collaboration? Do you want to share voicemail and centralize voicemail (CVM) for broadcasting? Do you want to perform 3-4 digit dialing from site to site? Do you want to save money and share reception duties across sites or take advantage of time zones by extending business hours?
All this is possible!!!! You can deploy some or all of the above. Let CCS help you! Contact our voice and data design center at 877-598-3999.
Create a WAN with a data VPN
Create a voice network
Create a data network
Tie in remote locations
Share resources
The CCS Support Team Can Help With:
  • -selling and supporting VPN
  • -selling and supporting main site router
  • -selling and supporting your network
  • -selling and supporting your home workers
  • -selling and supporting home internet
  • -selling and supporting broadband internet
  • -selling and supporting VoIP phone system
  • -selling and supporting IP home devices

Contact sales support and design for more telephone options at 877.599.9997 for more information.