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Phone Service

For more information on phone services in Chicago or nationwide contact our CCS sales group at 877-598-3999.

Services Offered:
Direct inward dial lines
Private lines
Standard phone lines
Analog lines
CO Trunks
Telephone lines
Bundled line service
Bundled rate plans
Voice T1
Hybrid T1
VoIP T1 trunking
SIP T1 trunking
T1 E&M
T1 Long Distance
T1 Local
800 number services
DS3 (bundled T1s)
ATM voice network
Frame voice network
MPLS voice network
VOIP Cable voice
VOIP DSL voice
VOIP Business class DSL internet voice
VOIP Business class Cable internet voice
Home office T1 for VoIP voice
Wireless voice
Satellite voice
Multiple site voice WAN
Phone system lines
Home office lines
Remote office lines
Fax lines
Bundled T1 services voice
and more...

Some Manufacturers we work with:
XO Communications nationwide
Globalcom Communications Chicago
AT&T and SBC nationwide
Cbeyond nationwide
Access One
and more

What we offer:
We will find the best packages available for your business based on your geography and your business needs. Contact us at 877-598-3999 for a free telephone service analysis.