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Real Estate Industry: Phone and data system solutions that help the Real Estate Industry

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National Avaya Spotlight:
Remax Unlimited Northwest (located in (1) Crystal Lake, IL, (2)Algonquin, IL (3)Cary, IL) asked Converged Communication System help in optimizing technology to improve business efficiency. This multi location and very mobile company has leveraged the Avaya IP Office phone system improve call routing, management and to get customers in touch with their mobile workforce. Centralized management was key to help manage these multiple locations as well as cut post install support costs making it easier for management to add agents. Roaming profiles for non-office workers were deployed allowing callers a number of options when calling their agent. Remax Unlimited owns the DID (private) number which calls into the local office. If the agent is in the field the caller gets a couple options (1)Press 1 to leave a message (2)press 2 go be transferred to my cell phone (3)press 3 for my backup (4)for a list of my properties or press 0 for the operator. Pushing out more options allows the consumer to get the to the correct person or information when they want. You never should miss a sales call, thus we kept the remote work force always in touch. On top of that, Remax Unlimited owns the published DID (private) numbers so they can be easily repointed to assistances, other agents or management if need be. No more giving out your cell phone and having clients call you after hours if you choose. Also, pushing out self service options allows potential buys to collect more data if need be. With the standard IP Office you can setup menus to give more information about the property. For example, press 1 for the square footage, press 2 for the asking price, press 3 for the showing times, press 4 for number of rooms, press 5 for agents cell phone, press 6 for operator, etc. Typically, this is sufficient for real estate businesses! However, you can add the fax on demand voicemail module and unified communication module to allow even more self service options. Add a prompt press 7 and get a fax on demand copy of the property, etc.
There are many other technologies that can help your marketing or media business. Contact the CCS sales and desk center for more information 877-598-3999.

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