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Tips on how to plan for a new office

Planning a new office or remote office? Contact the CCS sales and design center at 877-598-3999 to assist plan, project manage and for your technology needs. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind while planning a new office, CCS can help review and make recommendations on each one of these and help project manage your new office.
Starting A Business: Image is Everything!
  • 1. Website presence: We can help big or small create a website presence.
  • 2. Corporate Email: Stop using those third party email services.
  • 3. Automated Attendant: Provide self service assistance when callers call in.

Essential Commmunication:
  • 1. Telephone Service: Do you want to keep existing telephone numbers? Can you keep them? What are my options? Are you currently under contract? Can the existing provider move your service? Have you looked into alternative options? Is your staff growing - do I need to accommodate my phone system for more lines?
  • 2. Internet Service: Do I have any remote sites or home workers using existing external IP addresses? What applications will I be running? What speeds do I need? Do I have remote sites or home workers that will need to access servers? Do I have VoIP telephone home users?
  • 3. Data Network: Do I have a network plan? Do I have a router / firewall? Do I have a data switch? What applications and speeds do I need to push them out to the desktop PCs? Do I have PCs for my end users? Do I have a domain in place? Do I have file servers in place? Do I have backup devices? Where is my email stored?
  • 4. Telephone System: Do I have a system that I can move? Can it accommodate my new office needs? Will have growth? Is it worth while moving or buying a new system? Do I want any enhancements?
  • 5. Office Wiring & Office Cabling: Do I have a floorplan? Is there existing cabling and what is it certified for voice and/or data? If I am deploying data VoIP phones do I have single or dual data drops to each desk? Are my jacks and back room termination points labeled? Do I need new cabling? Is there room in the equipment room for new technology? Does the telephone service and data service terminate (or reside) in the same place?
  • 6. Building Management: Is your building open or closed? Is it fully open or closed in the basement (dmarc / netpop) where the dialtone comes in and open in the risers - if a multiple story building. Does your building require union laborers to pull cable? Is there specific requirements to perform work in the building (like pulling specific insurance or reserving freight elevator or putting our techs names at the front desk).
These are some questions to start with to help you plan. Contact us at 877-598-3999 for more assistance.