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Planning for a VoIP Business

VoIP technology can help any sized business providing a number of different applications. VoIP quality concerns have improved over the years with improved business standards making VoIP technology a standard in businesses today. Contact the CCS sales and design center at 877-598-3999 for pricing and additional VoIP options. Below are some ways that VoIP can help you!

VoIP Service Provider: CCS works with a number of telephone service and internet providers to provide more dynamic voice and data services for your business. The benefits of VoIP services include bundled rates and more flexible and reliable uses. Whether you are looking for standard business telephone lines (POTS) or voice T1 PRI, VoIP can help.

VoIP Home Workers: Businesses are leveraging VoIP technology by providing home workers VoIP deskphones or VoIP softphone applications. All calling goes over the internet and out your main site, thus optimizing the home workers ability to communication more effectively and use the same feature (ie. voicemail, 3-4 digit dialing, park, etc) as they would in the office. The telephone is identical however VoIP allows calling over the internet to the main site then sharing the main site dialtone resources.

VoIP Deskphones for Inside Your Office: Some businesses are deploying IP phones inside their business instead of traditional digital phones. These phones can be migrated from office to office simpler because all you need to do is plug into a port on your data network and they establish a connection in less than 60 seconds. There are some advantages on going still full digital vs. IP phone infrastructure, contact your CCS sales rep 877-598-3999 for a comparison. Remember, if you look to deploy IP phones inside your business it is recommended you have a full time IT personnel since it is just another IP device on your network.

VoIP Trunking or IP Site-Site: Businesses can deploy a phone system with digital telephones however can have the main site and remote sites communicate VoIP. This is commonly called a hybrid setup. You can share resources across the network and have centralized voicemail and management.

Contact our CCS Support Group 877-598-3999.