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Media Industry: Phone and data system solutions that help the Media and Marketing Industry

Contact the CCS sales and design center at 877-598-3999 for more assistance.

National Avaya Spotlight:
Impremedia (located in (1)Los Angeles, California, (2)Brooklyn, NY, and (3)Chicago, IL) asked Converged Communication System help in optimizing technology to improve business efficiency. This multi location mass media company has leveraged the Avaya IP Office phone system improve call center functions, mobility, centralize resources, VoIP technology, IP telephony and more. The classified department can help drive business. Improving the call center functions with real time monitoring and historical reporting can show actual work time and can track campaigns. During non-peak inbound call traffic an IVR (interactive voice response) server was deploying to push outbound calls and distribute to the next available agents, thus optimizing the time of the agent. VPN IP Telephones and IP Deskphones were deployed to remote offices, home workers, and mobile workers which allow increased business hours and geography and better use of distributed workforce. Multiple in-house conference bridges were setup saving $1,000's if outside conference services were used bringing it all in house. This allows the entire company to perform bridges and have weekly meetings.

There are many other technologies that can help your marketing or media business. Contact the CCS sales and desk center for more information 877-598-3999.

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