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Healthcare Industry: Phone and data system solutions that help the Healthcare Industry

Contact the CCS sales and design center at 877-598-3999 for more assistance.

Customer Spotlight: Converged Communication Systems has many healthcare providers customers. Some of the technologies these businesses look to leverage include:

Main Technologies:
  • 1. Mobility and Wireless Technology: Since the work force can be extremely mobile integrating cellular, wireless, wifi, and wireless pc technologies with Spectralink, VoIP wireless, IP Dect, Definity mobile, extension to cellular, mobile twinning, Avaya One-X mobile and more can help. Business also have the need for Gigabit ethernet data network backbones to provider a higher stream of applications to critical areas.
  • 2. High reliability: For certain healthcare companies high reliable technology provides businesses industry leading call processing and server reliability with up to 99.999% or 5 9's reliability with Avaya Enterprise class solutions (Media servers with Avaya Communication Manager).
  • 3. VoIP: Site to site IP technology allows different locations to share resources. Typically, in the construction and architect industry there are multiple locations and mobile workers that need to keep in touch due to different projects. IP telephony allows for ultimate integration for offsite workers or offices.
  • 4. Unified Communication: Intelligent voicemail integration allows mobile employees to have critical calls forwarded to cell phone whereas non critical calls forwarded to voicemail. Voicemail to text alerts or email alerts allows PDA, blackberry and such to be integrated.
  • 5. Fax Server solutions: HIPPA compliancy forces certain healthcare providers to provide faxes to remain on file for several years. We have many fax server solutions that are economical to take the scanning out of your business.
  • 6. Conference Bridge: Up to 64 party free conference bridge included with Avaya IP Office. This allows membership programs to cut outsource conferencing costs.
Taking advantage of time zones from east to west coast allows companies to share company resources.

Contact the CCS sales and desk center for more information 877-598-3999.