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Technology Planning: Forecasting for future business growth

Contact the CCS sales and design center at 877-598-3999 to assist in planning your technology infrastructure today while keeping future business growth options in mind.

CCS can recommend extremely mobile, IP and flexible solutions to pay as your grow. This allows you to leverage technology to slowly add on as your business changes and develops. IP technology allows you to integrate your mobile work force that might be on the road or work from home, thus cutting lease space overhead down. IP service providers allow flexible solutions to integrate with your phone system to provide more home internet options, flexible growth T1 packages and more. If you have a VPN solution in place you can look to leverage voice over the internet and essential share existing infrastructure. Basic remote call forward allows internal main office extensions and DID (private numbers) to be tracked in the office and forwarded to your mobile work force. Additional expansion modules that are plug and play can help for easy telephone growth.

These are some options we can assist with while planning for future business growth. Contact our CCS sales and design center to help leverage your existing infrastructure, enhance your telephone system and provide a solid foundation for your future.

Contact our CCS Support Group 877-598-3999.