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Estimating Your Business Telephone Service & Internet Service Needs

Estimating your telephone service and data internet service usage can be difficult. There is no science for this and all IT professionals can do is make some assumptions. However, if you plan you can address today's traffic concerns as well as potential growth. Below are some items you to take into consideration.
  • 1. What type of internet services do you use inside your business? Basic e-mail? Basic browsing? Realtime applications? Video conferencing? The more realtime applications you have and use the more bandwidth you should have.
  • 2. How many simultaneous calls in/out will you have at any one given time? For example, if you have 4 employees, you should plan for all being on an outside call at once. However, for larger organizations with 100 employees we normally see 20-50% of the people needing outside lines at any one given time. The remainder of the employees typically are performing interoffice calls or other duties that dont involve outside calling. However, if your business is a call center that involves call intensive job functions then you must plan accordingly.

Items to help you plans:
  • 1. Look at your current voicemail port utilization or look realtime at different time frames.
  • 2. Contact your provider and ask for a traffic or usage summary.
  • 3. Watch a realtime monitor tool of your lines today on your phone system.
  • 4. Review your business needs.

Plan for Dynamic Services:
VoIP services are dynamic. It is easy to pay as your grow for more lines or channels. T1s are bundled but you only use what you want and contact the provider to turn on new lines. Contact our CCS Support Group 877-598-3999.