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CCS Green Team

Technology Green Converged Communication Systems presents:
CCS Green Team

CCS Green Team In an effort to be a more environmental friendly company, the CCS Green Team is a division within Converged Communication Systems that is building and strengthening our standard practices to be more Earth conscious. The following green practices have been implemented:
  • All CCS locations pay a service to recycle materials like paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and more.
  • Field technicians who are constantly on the road have one of our CCS Hybrid Vehicles. Keep your eyes out for our fleet of Hybrid vehicles on the road.
  • All CCS locations use energy efficient industrial materials like light bulbs and such.
  • All CCS locations ensure heat and A/C is turned down during off hours.
  • CCS offers e-billing to have customer go paperless to allow online account access.
The Converged Communication Systems group is continuously working on improving Green practices and offering Green technology tips. We offer managed For more information on Going Green for Technology please contact 877-598-3999.

Green Team Technology

Above: CCS Hybrid Vehicle #11
Converged Communication Systems just acquired fleet vehicle #11 that uses Hybrid vehicle technology.

CCS Green