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Current Avaya Finance Customers

For more information on technology leasing and financing, phone system leases, phone system rentals, data network equipment leasing, data network rentals, and more contact our CCS sales center at 877-598-3999. We work with the most aggressive financing and leasing programs regarding all types of technology. Software, hardware, labor, maintenance and more financing and leasing programs. If you are a current Lucent Technology Finance, AFS (Avaya Financial Services), or CIT customers contact us and we can manage your account and find you new promotions to extend, upgrade, re-finance, or migration your current leasing program. If you are coming to the end of term we can also explore other new technology offerings. We offer leasing solutions including: 12 month financing (bakers dozen), FMV (fair market value), true leases, $1.00 buyout (1 dollar buyout), title pass and more. Contact our sales center 877-598-3999.

We work and manage leases:
True Lease
Fair Market Value Leases
End of Term Leases
$1.00 PO or Purchase Option or Buyout option leases
Finance programs for 12 months
and more...

If you get bills from CIT, Lucent Technologies Finance, or Avaya Financial Services we can help. We work on your behalf to review your current policy to ensure you are getting the best program available. We also check your end of term dates to ensure you have pre-planned for this time and made some informed decisions to help migrate your technology, complete a partial upgrade, complete a fork lift upgrade and more.